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iOS 7 Safari tips: How to access iOS 7's new web features

David Price | Oct. 7, 2013
Master Safari in iOS 7 on your iPhone and iPad with these simple tips, from beginner's tasks such as opening multiple tabs, to more advanced techniques such as the Reader Mode, private browsing and fullscreen mode.

iOS 7 Safari tips
Along the bottom: back and forwards navigation arrows; sharing icon; bookmarks icon; and tabs icon. The icon to the left of the web address (or URL) is the Reader icon, and the icon to its right is refresh. We explain how to use these functions below

iOS 7, which is pre-installed on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c but is also available as a free update for earlier iPhones and iPads, adds an enormous number of new features. In this tutorial we'll go through the most interesting and useful new Safari features in iOS 7, as well as explaining the basics of web browsing on the iPhone and iPad for beginners.

Safari in iOS 7: How to load a web page
Tap the Safari icon to open the app. If you've not been looking at web pages already, iOS 7 will show you a mostly blank page with a few bookmarks of commonly visited pages (including its own website).

Assuming you don't want to go to any of these, click the bar at the top - that's the unified URL and search bar. The keyboard will come up automatically and you can type in the address you're looking for.

As you type, iOS 7 will start to suggest possibilities - again, these will obviously tilt towards big companies - and bookmarked pages that fit what you're typing. Click any of the suggestions to fill in the rest of the URL and jump to that page.

As the iPhone or iPad loads the page, you'll see a progress bar underneath the URL bar.

Safari in iOS 7: How to search for a keyword or phrase
We said the URL bar is also a search field. Unlike in iOS 6, where you typed URLs in the lefthand field and searched in the right. Now you search directly in the URL bar.

It's done in exactly the same way as typing in the URL - in fact it's easy to accidentally go to a URL instead of searching, especially if you're searching for a term that's close to a web page that you've visited recently.

Here we want to search for the word Facebook instead of going to the site itself (let's say we wantto read the Wikipedia page about, for instance). I type the word Facebook and iOS instinctively fills in the rest of the URL. To avoid going to Facebook I need to click Delete to remove the added-on text and click Return to run the search.

Safari in iOS 7: How to bookmark a web page
In the centre of the bottom bar of icons is a square with an arrow coming out it: that's the sharing option, and it's really useful. (If you can't see any icons along the bottom of the screen you've gone into fullscreen mode - see below for how to get out of it.)


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