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iOS 6 device users report baffling range of Wi-Fi problems

John Cox | Sept. 27, 2012
Some number of iPhone and iPad users upgrading to iOS 6 are reporting a range of Wi-Fi problems, as are some iPhone 5 users. The solutions, when there are any, seems as baffling as the problems.

Solutions seems as inexplicable as the problems. Kenishialala posted: "I had the same problem since yesterday but thank goodness it's back now! I've been restoring my iphone for I can't remember how many times now. But for the nth time today, it finally worked! The original plan was to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1. I failed twice so on the third time, I decided to bring back the iOS6. MIRACLE, I am now able to use the wifi again. Toggle it on and off and connect it to our Wifi."

By Tuesday afternoon, forums had 10 separate threads related to Wi-Fi issues with iOS 6 or the new iPhone 5: such as "Painfully slow WiFi on new iPhone 5," "WiFi Sync Terrible on iOS 6?," "No WiFi on certain access points," and "Persistent WiFi + iOS6." But keep in mind that many of the earlier posts on these threads are related to the original Web-based Wi-Fi glitch.

New owners of the iPhone 5 frustrated by similar problems, as posts at the online forums of show

Commenter otis123 wrote "My [iPhone] 5 is having quite a bit of trouble with my AirPort Extreme [access point]. Slow throughput and its having a hard time staying connected. My other iOS devices are fine as always, even my 3rd gen iPad on iOS 6."

Another poster, vanc, had a similar experience, with his Apple Airport Express access point. "Throughput was horrible, and disconnected from my Airport express constantly. In the same location, my iPhone 4, iPad 1 & 3 all worked perfectly." His solution: "In order to make iPhone 5 happy, I purchased an Airport Extreme yesterday and used the existing Airport express as an extender. This solved the problem perfectly. Now on iPhone 5, I don't have random dropouts and throughput is inline with my other iDevices."

ZenErik found a wide performance gap between his laptop and the new iPhone: "I'm getting 10 - 12 Mbps down on my laptop and anywhere between .3 and 10 Mbps on my iPhone 5. Extremely inconsistent. ping has gone anywhere from 60 - 300 ms. Up speed has remained between 5 and 6 Mbps for the most part."

One user, urbantekreport, posted a solution -- found at - which restored iPhone 5 performance: "Settings> Wi-Fi > Blue icon next to the network you're connecting to > Scroll to the bottom > Set your device's HTTP Proxy to Auto (leave Url blank) After this, try speed test again! Snappy!

It worked for another user, but others said it failed. One of them was danilko1, who reported that the new iPhone 5 worked "pretty good" out of the box and over the weekend, but then it failed to connect at work and then at home. "I noticed GPS was active. I killed all apps. Rebooted. Then not at first, but within 10 minutes, something healed and now it's running good again. This is strange. I hope it's not a common thing. I hardly ever had to reboot my other iPhones."


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