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Inside The Flock, the Mac game that slowly dies as its players do (online)

Andrew Hayward | Aug. 18, 2015
Slated to hit Mac and PC on Friday, August 21, The Flock is a truly eerie experience. The first-person multiplayer game is draped in shadows as you control a hobbled, sluggish human-like creature protecting a glowing artifact--or one of the four ferocious monsters out to claim it. The Flock is billed as a horror game, and it's the rare one in which the scares come not from scripted sequences or computer-controlled characters, but rather other online players.

The announcement of the population system has generated a lot of buzz around the game: Some positive, but also plenty negative, as prospective players gripe about paying for something that isn't certain to last. Van Hasselt admits that the The Flock won't be for everyone, given that distinctive approach. However, he seems sure that possibly scaring away some players is a worthwhile sacrifice, as it makes for a better game for everyone else willing to take the plunge. 

"We want to create an authentic experience that will be something worth remembering. We're not here to make a cash-grab," he says. "We're taking a big risk here. I believe we might even hurt our sales more by stating this than [we would have] without including the population plan, but we genuinely believe the player experience will be much better for it."

"We want to be honest, transparent, and explicit about this," he adds. "We wouldn't want anyone to buy The Flock and find out later: surprise, the game ends! We stated it upfront and will continue to do so."


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