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Industry should talk to government, not the other way around

Sathya Mithra Ashok | April 2, 2014
In a chat with Reseller News MD of IBM NZ, Rob Lee, discusses the changes that the firm is going through globally, the effects it could have on the NZ market and how the firm is handling the skills shortage that haunts technology firms in the country.

We have got bringing the customer into it, but they are reaching the customer well with the digital technologies.

We look at that and the opportunities that it brings to the market in terms of being able to provide analytics, mobility solutions and capturing what is going on in the social world because they are very important elements for them to be able to change how they take their businesses to the client that is out there. And the same applies to the public sector.

Q: How do you see the adoption of Cloud, analytics, mobility and social media among NZ businesses?

RL: A lot of this is generated or going to be driven by their desire or necessity to transform. The adoption of Cloud is something that can happen independent of a broader transformation. By the way mobility too there is a lot that you can do to reach your employees or reach the customers that is going to be enabled digitally.

It is the other stuff that connects the customer or the employee all the way through to the business systems at an enterprise or public sector organisation that really makes all of that worthwhile. I think we are on the tip of starting the drive into that.

We are engaging a lot with customers in thinking about how they can take all of their data. Analysing that and turning it into valued information for the client or people working with the client, so that they can make better decisions is a big opportunity in NZ. We are looking at the potential of some broad transformation. A lot of the systems that enterprises are using, some of them are 10, 20, up to 40 years old. There is an opportunity to transform applying these technologies together. The intersection will revolutionise the industry.

Q: Do you see more functionality moving into the cloud and being delivered as services to mid size businesses?

RL: NZ has a different profile of businesses to the rest of the world. We have some very large companies that operate on the global scale, we have a number of smaller businesses that operate within NZ, serving the country or making business offshore. It is very difficult — and it would be very brave for someone to say — this is what they are doing.

There are a number of opportunities for them to leverage computing techniques, but no one size fits all. I can imagine, and especially with small businesses, that they will be trying some of these as services for what they do. At the other end of the scale, very big organisations which might have different concerns, or regulatory things that they might need to operate, regarding data sovereignty and security, will think about it differently.


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