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In these four industries, Android totally dominates iOS

Christopher Nerney | April 17, 2013
A report, based on aggregate data from Citrix customers who have deployed its cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution, finds that iOS dominates in the enterprise.

Citrix offers some hints in its report:

"Where anecdotally we see high iOS adoption in traditional hospital settings, cloud deployments of enterprise mobility management in healthcare tend to be mobile healthcare organizations such as home healthcare groups, and for them, Android has been the platform of choice since we've been measuring industry adoption."

Cost is probably a big reason for that, as shown in our recent story about Bayadabuying more than 4,000 7-inch Galaxy tabs for its home healthcare workers and administrative staff.

Jamie Barnett, senior director of product marketing for Citrix, confirms to CITEworld that cost definitely is a factor for its home healthcare mobile cloud customers.

"They have a workforce that's highly distributed, they probably need more device ubiquity, their margins probably are thinner so they have less to spend on mobile devices," Barnett says. "For those reasons, Android probably makes a lot of sense."

The point is that a monolithic view of the mobile OS market doesn't provide a detailed picture. And the details from Citrix's report shows Android has real strongholds in some sectors.

One more interesting sidenote: Among Citrix customers at least, the oil and gas industry is still dominated by Windows Mobile. 

If any readers are involved in those particular sectors (communications services, healthcare, transportation and non-profits) and can shed some light on why Android dominates in each, please comment below. It's an interesting phenomenon.


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