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I thought the iPhone 6+ was too big; I was wrong

Michael deAgonia | Oct. 23, 2014
What happens when a reviewer buys a new phone sight unseen? Mistakes were made.

The keyboard also uses the additional real estate in landscape mode to display more characters, including dedicated cut, copy, paste buttons.

About iOS 8...
About the software -- when I reviewed the iPhone 6 two weeks ago, iOS 8 was new and buggy and Yosemite had yet to be released. Therefore some great features like Continuity hadn't yet arrived. Since then, Apple has officially released Yosemite as well as iOS 8.1. That iOS update included numerous bug-fixes and went a long way to improving the stability and overall experience of using the iPhones. iOS 8.1 also enabled all of the Yosemite features of Continuity, including SMS relay. I've been recommending the 8.1 update to anyone who asks.

iOS 8.1 also introduced Apple Pay, which I was able to try just hours after upgrading the iPhone. I admit that I drove to a McDonald's and ordered a couple of hamburgers, just to see how ApplePay works. The process was dead-simple: When I went to pay, I held up my phone and the attendant reached out with a rather bulky NFC reader. I held the top of my phone to the terminal and the iPhone's display awoke to the Lock Screen and showed a graphic of my default card. I touched my thumb on the Home button, a TouchID fingerprint graphic on the screen filled in -- indicating transaction in progress -- and a second later, the fingerprint graphic showed a checkmark and the phone vibrated to let me know the payment succeeded. (It takes longer to describe the process than it takes to actually make a purchase.)

Simply put: Apple Pay is as easy to use as Apple said it would be. This is going to be a big deal.

Final thoughts
I've now spent time with both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, and what I wrote between deciding the two still stands: the iPhone 6 Plus has the better specs, but the iPhone 6 is still a bit more totable. However, what has changed in my time with these devices is my sense of priorities regarding my smartphones. After spending time with the 6 Plus, I can absolutely see the appeal of a larger screen device, and better understand the perspective of Android users that have been touting larger screens for years. It was the 6 Plus that changed my mind, because the larger display, as implemented here, makes the size of the devices less intrusive than I expected. The iPhone 6 Plus balances out need for portability with the usefulness of a bog screen really well. Trust me: I packed my fitted jeans for my trip, and the iPhone 6 Plus had no problem fitting in my pocket.


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