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I see London, I see France, I see 8GB and 16GB versions of a 4.5-inch Moto G smartphone

Evan Dashevsky | Nov. 14, 2013
An accidental early listing on Amazon gives hints of more details for the forthcoming Moto G.

Like the Amazon listing, the Phones4u promo also makes reference to variable colors via "interchangeable back panels."

While vague, this seems to imply that customers will be able to order their Moto G with customizable back panels, but (at least international users) would not have access to the fully customizable Moto Maker site, which allows U.S. customers to personalize their own Moto X to be assembled in a plant in Texas.

International House of Motos
While the Moto X is currently only available in North America, the Moto G's official promotional site has a decidedly global theme to it and features numerous languages, hinting that the Moto G will be available at launch in numerous countries.

This international launch would be a similar approach to Apple's global first day launch of the lower-cost iPhone 5c and 5s.

The moves also show how Googlerola may be taking lessons from the Samsung and HTC phone-branding playbooks, which have two important steps: (1) Launch a well-regarded top shelf phone--such as the Galaxy S4 or the One, and then (2) launch various (usually cheaper) iterations afterwards and see what sticks.

The past year has seen the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveS4 mini, and S4 Zoom, not to mention the pituitary-affected monstrosity that is the Galaxy Mega or the limited release Galaxy Round. Meanwhile, HTC has launched the HTC One mini and plus-sized HTC One Max.

LG has attempted a similar play with its flagship G2 and G Flex phones, but it forgot to get the elite-flagship-phone part done first.


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