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HTC Vive review: Reach out and touch the virtual world

Hayden Dingman | April 6, 2016
Living la vida virtual.

And there are some launch-day specific concerns too, like “SteamVR seems a little unstable recently.” I’ve had Steam get stuck in a cycle of “Launch, Run SteamVR, Crash” a few times, and that’s not great as we head towards release. All we can do is keep an eye on it, and hopefully the Day One woes are ironed out soon.

But playing room-scale Vive experiences leaves me feeling giddy about gaming in a way I haven’t felt...well, since the earliest days of the Oculus. Walking around. Touching things with my hands. Truly inhabiting a space. These are logical next steps for virtual reality and for gaming, and it leaves the Rift looking backwards by comparison. Safe, even.

Oculus claims people don’t really want room-scale VR—that people are lazy (I know I am) and don’t have a lot of space (I know I don’t) and just want to sit and relax and enjoy their entertainment. But by that argument, I don’t think most people really want VR at all. Not yet, at least. Not until they’ve experienced it.

That shouldn’t stop us from trying. With the Vive, Valve and HTC have created what’s currently the most forward-thinking VR headset on the market. It’s wonderful.


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