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HP Slate 21 Pro review: It's built for business, but it's great for the home

Michael Brown | May 9, 2014
HP makes an all-in-one Android machine for the home: the Slate 21 All-in-One. But the company's business-oriented Slate 21 Pro is a far better value. It has twice as much memory and storage, and it boasts a number of features that aren't available on the consumer machine. Even better, it costs $20 less--just $379.

The Slate 21 Pro's 21.5-inch display is an IPS model with resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It's a touchscreen, but it supports only two touch points, and it's based on optical, versus capacitive, touch technology (it determines where your fingertips are on the screen using three cameras embedded in its bezel). So you open windows with a double tap, drag windows around the screen, and close them with a single tap. You can also pinch-to-zoom windows, but nothing more complicated than that.

The spring-loaded stand on the back allows the computer to recline up to 70 degrees, which makes it easy to use whether you're standing over it or sitting down in front of it. Remove two screws and you can remove the stand to reveal a VESA mount that can be used to attach the computer to an articulated arm. HP bundles a cheap wired mouse and keyboard with the box, and these (or any USB mouse and keyboard you might upgrade to) can control a Windows PC when you connect the two using the upstream USB cable.

HP markets the Slate 21 Pro as a business machine, and it has clear value in that space — provided your business isn't heavily dependent upon custom Windows applications, or is too small to run a virtualized Windows environment for that purpose. But it's also a solid value for consumers looking for a capable, multi-purpose family PC. This is a great machine for the kitchen or family room, where it could be paired with a laptop, Xbox, or a set-top box when it's not being used in stand-alone mode. Good job, HP.


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