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How will IoT 2.0 Transform Business and Government in Asia?

Richard Pain | Oct. 25, 2017
Industry expert Satyajit Dwivedi from SAS outlines several of the most exciting applications of IoT 2.0 ready for implementation


Effectively Implementing IoT 2.0


To effectively leverage IoT 2.0, organisations need to master analytics for the IoT lifecycle, says Dwivedi. "Organisations have become very comfortable with their data flowing into a data warehouse and the analysis being shared daily, weekly or monthly. Now with IoT, organisations have data in real-time, which means they need the ability to analyse it in real-time."

This is made possible by SAS, which provides the only validated edge-to-enterprise IoT analytics platform. This moves the first level of data analysis and response close to IoT sensors, reducing latency and also reducing the load on the network and the enterprise data centre.

Whether the data generated is machine-readable, human-readable or a combination of both, SAS scales to analyse millions of events per second, helping organisations decide what to act on, what to ignore, and what to store for later.

Dwivedi explains, "If you imagine a distributed setup, there would be a large number of gateways that would be collecting data, but it's not important to collect everything in your data centre and then analyse it to create intelligence. You should be able to deploy the analytical model into the gateway itself and then only get the events, predictions, warnings or triggers that are required back into the data centre."

This represents a significant architectural change, primarily in response to the large and growing amounts of data that IoT devices have the potential to collect. But effectively implementing this technology is not the only essential element to IoT 2.0, it also crucially depends on the people within an organisation, Dwivedi adds.

"Senior leadership needs to support the combined efforts of domain experts, data scientists and IT staff, who only by working together will enable the true potential of IoT 2.0."


For more information about how SAS can enable your IoT strategy, please visit: SAS Internet of Things


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