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How we manage our social networks

Mark Gibbs | March 1, 2013
Gibbs analyzes the results of his "How do you manage your social networks?" survey

So, you have a load of connections and one of them really annoys you - say they make insane, disjointed, and totally random comments about items you post and they do this so often you can only conclude they or overly medicated -- what do you do?

On business and personal networks 31% and 16% of you, respectively, do nothing, while 61% and 70% rarely do something. It turns out that only 8% and 13% of you on business and personal networks "frequently" take action.

And how do we feel if we're at the receiving end of being de-friended? Fifty-six percent of us on business and 49% on personal networks aren't offended, while 34% and 37% respectively and a mere 9% on both are definitely offended. From our cohort it appears that it's only on personal networks that some 4% of us are very offended, and on both types of network no one gets so upset as to be "insulted".

What we can conclude from all of this is that, in general, our willingness to tolerate doofuses is pretty high, and unless you're a complete nonce, you'll keep your social connections despite your bad behavior.

So, request connection to anyone and everyone because they'll probably accept if they have any idea of who you are, don't get bent out of shape if they don't connect because most people don't care, and if they do connect and then they change their mind, smile and move on. In general, getting connected is easy and once connected, we almost always stay connected. It's just like real life but at arm's length.


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