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How to set up a new iPhone 5c or iPhone 5c

Karen Haslam | Sept. 23, 2013
Guide to setting up a new iPhone for old iPhone users and ex-Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry users

11) How to sync music and movies to your first-ever iPhone

Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to sync your music, TV shows, movies, and photos from your computer to your new iPhone. If your smartphone wasn't an iPhone previously you will need to get the data from your non-Apple device onto your computer and into iTunes. Once your music and movies are in iTunes they will be ready to sync with your new iPhone. Plug your iPhone into your computer, open iTunes, select your device from the left hand navigation, and choose the music and movies you wish to sync. If you have a big collection of media and limited space on your device you can create Playlists and set them to sync with your iPhone.

12) How to sync photos with your first-ever iPhone

To sync photos to your iPhone you will need to add them to iPhoto or Aperture (on a Mac) or place them in your Pictures folder (on a PC). The syncing of the photos takes place via iTunes. As above, you can select your device and then choose the Photos button before choosing which albums to sync.

13) How to sync non-iOS Apps

Unfortunately, you can't port any Windows or Android apps from your old device to your iPhone. It is often the case that you will find parallel versions of those apps on Apple's App Store though. Note that if you have purchased content through apps - for example Kindle books - you will be able to download an equivalent app to access the data, in most cases at least.

14) How to import contacts from a really old phone

If your phone has a nano-SIM card you should be able to transfer contacts. Copy all your contacts to the nano-SIM in your old phone then, once you've set up your new iPhone, you can copy those contacts by swapping out your iPhone's SIM card with your old nano-SIM and heading to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Import SIM Contacts. Once the import has completed, eject your old SIM and put the one that came with the iPhone 5 back in its tray. If your phone has a SIM card that doesn't fit in the iPhone 5, but it comes with a USB cable for connecting it to your computer, you may be able to transfer your contacts (and your photos) by exporting them through software.

15) How to keep my old SMS and text messages

SMS and MMS logs are not transferrable, but you may be able to rescue them from oblivion. It's not a simple process, but you may be able to save them onto your computer. There are a variety of programs available for exporting messages from your smartphones - SMS Backup & Restore for Android is one option.


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