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How to pick between the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and GS6 edge

Al Sacco | March 31, 2015
Samsung's Galaxy S 6 and GS6 smartphones go on sale in the United States early next month. Here's how to tell if the Galaxy S 6 or GS6 edge is right for you.

I find myself using the People edge features more than anything else, because they make it easier and faster to start new conversations or respond to alerts from my most frequent contacts. However, many other devices and platforms offer similar "shortcuts" to contacts, so People edge doesn't really offer anything unique beyond the novelty of using the curved display.

There''s not a lot of value in the information stream features, because it's easy enough to just tap a home button to see the time, and sliding your finger across the edge screen takes about the same amount of effort. It's also somewhat difficult to read or consume information in such a small, thin space.

I like the idea of the Night clock, but it's difficult to see when the GS6 edge is placed at bed level on a nearby night stand, because the text is small and the angle of the edge is such that you have to slightly lift your head above the display to see it.

I haven't spent enough time with any of these features to give them a definitive thumbs-up or thumbs-down. However, my initial impression is that the GS6 edge's curved sides do not dramatically change the user experience, and the only features that seem truly valuable to me are the People edge features.

Are the Galaxy S 6 edge's curved sides a gimmick to make it look different than the iPhone?
Samsung's first phone with a curved display was the Galaxy Note Edge, which has just one curved side. I used that device for a week or so before it was clear the curved display didn't really provide any value beyond esthetics.

The Galaxy S 6 edge is different, and Samsung definitely improved the edge screen features by further integrating them with its OS. However, I'm still not sold on the curved screen concept. I plan to use the device as my main phone for the next couple of weeks, and I may change my tune by the time I write a full review, but the curved sides still seem like a gimmick to me.

Of course, you should go to a carrier store or electronics retailer such as Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart, all of which will eventually carry the GS6s, and get your hands on both options before purchasing one of them. Personal preference will dictate which device is right for you, but understanding the differences between these two new phones is half the battle.

Check out Samsung's website for more official details on both devices.


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