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How to make watching TV more fun using the Xbox One's Snap feature

Derek Walter | May 29, 2015
Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console strives to do it all: It plays games, it streams movies and video (including live TV, if you have a tuner), and it can even host Skype conversations. With Xbox Snap, you can use two of these features at the same time. It's just the ticket for displaying game stats and live scores while you're watching your favorite sport. Or you can use it to see what your Xbox friends are up--you can even check out their latest achievements. And that's just scratching the surface of what Snap can do.

There's a third way, too: Using a gesture. Put your arms to the side, clasp your hands as if you're grabbing the edges of the screen, and then pull them to the front of your chest. You might get funny looks from any visiting guests, but it works.  

Where Snap falls short

I like Xbox Snap and have found it an effective means of delivering a second-screen experience the nuisance of pulling a second device that takes your eyes off what's happening on the big screen. The concept's biggest shortcoming, for the time being at least, is a paucity of apps.

The absence of a Twitter app is the most egregious example. Everybody loves to follow the running commentary that follows live event. And while the ESPN app is pretty good, apps with stronger game-specific statistics would be welcome companions for any sport. 

Having said that, every Xbox user should at least give Xbox Snap a try. Master its idiosyncrasies and I think you'll find that's a great tool. 


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