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How to get started building a digital media strategy

Jonathan Hassell | Feb. 6, 2013
Too many companies take a reactionary approach to social media, pouring resources into the 'next big thing' that's already happened. It's better to develop a comprehensive digital media strategy that targets the right social platforms, customers and disruptions and addresses the necessity of remaining flexible and responding to criticism.

The primary goal should be to be effective, not just to serve your customers in social media at the least possible cost to the exclusion of quality. A good balance point to target: As good as it can be while spending the money most efficiently.

Second, don't force it. The allure of being seen as cutting edge, "with it" and hip to the social and digital media scene can be very strong-and it can often result in strategies and concepts aimed at nothing more than achieving that one viral video or that hugely popular contest. While you can be innovative and disruptive, you must try to avoid doing things only for their potential social media value.

Some advertising concepts, for example, can't really be made social without really stretching the idea. Some contests and promotions that try to generate and leverage consumer interest and interactions in digital media simply go too far.

Other concepts and campaigns are not necessarily forced, but they don't result in any significant achievement. The payback from those strategies is limited. The bottom line: Don't force social, and don't force digital. Organically grow in these areas and use strategies designed with social in mind but not exclusively at the forefront of the plan.

With time and consideration, you can build a digital media strategy for your business that pays dividends and is more than just a constant reaction to the latest social media trend.

Jonathan Hassell runs 82 Ventures, a consulting firm based out of Charlotte. He's also an editor with Apress Media LLC.


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