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How to get a new PC that runs Windows 7, not Windows 8

Tom Spring | Feb. 5, 2013
Your Windows 7 options are drying up fast, but you don't have to settle for a Windows 8 PC if you don't want one.

New Coke, the XFL, the recently canceled ABC drama 666 Park Avenue--all perfectly decent, but they lacked that certain excitement that turns a pimply kid into a Justin Bieber.

Windows 8 is also having a hard time exciting the masses. We love much about its touch-oriented user interface, personalization features, and deep links to cloud services. But many people shopping for a new PC just want the familiarity of Windows 7.

Pay a visit to Best Buy, as we did, and you'll find that if you hope to stick with Windows 7, you may be in for a rude awakening. "We don't carry Windows 7 anymore. It was phased out last year," a blue-shirted salesperson told us at a Dedham, Massachusetts, store.

That may be true at the Best Buy we visited, but when it comes to the availability of Windows 7 PCs, you still have options. You just need to know where to look.

Windows 7: Alive but fading

It's true that new Windows 7 PC options are vanishing to make room for Windows 8 machines. Net Applications reports that in January, for the first time since Windows 7 went on sale, the operating system lost market share. But there's no need to panic quite yet if you want a new PC that runs the older OS. Microsoft claims that its plans for ending the sale of PCs preinstalled with Windows 7 are "to be determined." However, the company does say that it will end mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015.

Way back in 2010, Microsoft shed light on what its commitment to support past Windows operating systems was going to be. "We are confirming our current policy of allowing retailers to sell the boxed version of the previous OS for up to one year after release of a new OS, and that OEMs can sell PCs with the previous OS pre-loaded for up to 2 years after the launch date of the new OS," wrote Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc on a company blog.

If this policy first stated in 2010 holds true, it means that retailers can sell boxed copies of Windows 7 until October 26, 2013, and that Dell, HP, and Lenovo can sell Windows 7 PCs until October 2014.

Windows 7 system hunter

We reviewed the websites of the top PC makers and discovered that Windows 7 PCs are getting harder to find.

For instance, if you shop for new desktops and laptops at Dell's For Home section online, all you will find are Windows 8 PCs. At Hewlett-Packard, a salesperson said "yes" when we asked whether the company sold Windows 7 desktops and laptops, but the systems were last year's models and being phased out. Of the dozens of PC models that HP sells, the representative told us, only four laptops and three desktops listed would ship with Windows 7. Additionally, few of the HP systems we browsed came with the latest Intel 3rd Generation i5 and i7 microprocessors.


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