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How to fix a water-damaged Apple iPhone: hoax ad warning

David Price | Oct. 14, 2013
Water damage solutions and advice to save a drowned iPhone, plus fake 'waterproofing' iOS 7 ad tricks users

So you dropped your Apple iPhone in the bath, the sea or the toilet, and you want to fix it, dry it out, and recover the data inside. Here's how to rescue a waterlogged iPhone. Updated, 11 Oct 2013

Update: iPhone users around the globe have taken to Facebook and Twitter to vent their fury after being tricked by a fake iOS 7 advert. The mock-up, which has been designed to resemble Apple's own ads, says: "Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof." Unfortunately, it appears that some users have ruined their devices by testing out this new 'feature'. One less-than-happy Twitter user wrote: "Whoever said ios7 was waterproof, **** you." It's thought that the hoax started out on 4chan, an online forum infamous for its pranks.

Needless to say, although iOS 7 has some great new features, including a completely redesigned interface, multitasking and the Control Centre, waterproofing is not one of them. If, however, you do accidentally drop your iPhone in some water, these tips could help save your device.

How to rescue a water-damaged iPhone
First things first. Get the iPhone out of the water (lake/bidet/soup) right away, if you haven't already, and don't even think about plugging it in. If the waterlogged iPhone is plugged in already, unplug it (very carefully), and don't be tempted to turn it on and check for damage, which can cause short circuits.

If the wet iPhone is in a case, remove it; take the SIM card out too. (Removing the battery wouldn't hurt either, but this is obviously only for confident DIY-type users who are willing to void the warranty.) These steps help to reduce the number of nooks and crannies where water can linger, and help to avoid damage to key iPhone components.

Wipe the excess and exterior liquid off everything you can reach. Turn the iPhone upside down and give it a gentle shake to clear the ports and sockets.

iPhone water damage: Dry out your iPhone
Now we need to draw as much interior liquid out as possible. Resist the temptation to use a hair dryer or other heat treatment, which can damage the iPhone's internal components.

Believe it or not, many people swear by uncooked rice, advising owners to put their damp iPad or iPhone in a big bowl of the stuff (cover it completely) and leave it there for 24 hours or more. The rice will absorb the moisture effectively, but may get dust or even entire grains into the ports. Be warned.

A better option is silica gel - those packets that come with some electronic components. If you can muster enough of those to cover the iPad (you may be able to buy them en masse from a craft shop), they'll dry it out more efficiently and less messily than the rice. You should still give the iPhone at least a full day to dry out completely, however.


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