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How to configure a cheap, secure RAID backup system

Christopher Phin | July 23, 2015
We usually store our photos, documents, and more on a single hard disk--or, increasingly these days, a solid state drive (SSD)--but there's always the nagging worry that the disk will fail, taking all your work and memories with it. Backing up using Time Machine, Super Duper!, or CrashPlan, say, is a good way of reducing this risk, but there is another: RAID.

Break up the RAID set

If you want to redeploy your RAID drives elsewhere in the future, you can easily break apart the RAID system. Select the set in Disk Utility then click Delete.

As the confirmation dialog says, all that will happen is that you'll get two drives mounting on your system once you do this, each of which contain an exact copy of the other. New data added to one will no longer be mirrored to the other, but you can now eject one and use it for something else.


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