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How to avoid data roaming charges on iPhone while abroad

Ashleigh Allsopp | Aug. 7, 2013
We bring you tips on how to stop your iPhone phone bill from rising while on holiday or on a business trip abroad

As for Google Maps, version 2.0 brings a better offline Maps feature to the iPhone. When you're online, all you need to do is view the area you're planning on visiting, and then, in the search bar type "ok maps". This will bring up a loading screen that'll inform you that you're downloading the data, and then, when you launch the app while you're offline, you'll be able to see the map, as well as data such as road names and attractions, without getting charged to do so.

Alternatively, there are apps you can download such as City Maps 2Go or ForeverMap 2, which will let you view maps offline. They'll set you back a few pounds, though.

Turn your phone off to avoid data roaming charges while abroad
For those of you heading off on holiday, do you REALLY need to use your iPhone? If you can live without Facebook and Twitter for a week, it might be worth taking a break from your iPhone and turning if off altogether.

How much will data cost me while abroad?
Thanks to the EU's rate caps on mobile roaming charges, which were put in place at the beginning of July, using the internet in Europe will cost you less now than it did last year. Next year, it'll get even better. As of July 2014, you'll be able to use your iPhone elsewhere in Europe for the same price as you can at home.

For now, though, data roaming charges are as follows:

O2 currently charges 46p per MB within the EU, and £6 per MB outside of the EU.

Vodafone will charge you 45.9p per MB in the EU or £3 per MB up to 5B in the rest of the world. If you go over 5MB, it'll be £15 per MB. Alternatively, you can opt to take your UK minutes, texts and internet to EU countries for £3 a day with Vodafone EuroTraveller. Vodafone customers will automatically have a spend limit of £42.40 (ex VAT) in both its Europe Zone and Rest of World Zone. Outside of Europe, you can opt in to Vodafone's Data Traveller for £5 per day for 25MB each day you access the internet. However, it's worth highlighting that 25MB of data can be eaten up fast.

Orange customers will be charged 45.9p per MB within the EU, but £8 per MB for the rest of the world.

3 (Three) charges 48.5p per MB in the EU and £3 per MB outside the EU>

With EE you have to buy a roaming add-on before you can use the internet while you're away, but it can get rather confusing. If you have a 4G EE phone plan with roaming included you can pay 50p per 2MB for 24 hours, up to 1GB for 30 days for £25 within Europe. If you don't have roaming included in your EE 4G phone plan 3MB costs £1, up to 200MB for £35 in Europe. It all depends on where you are, with EE. If you're in Japan an add-on costs a staggering £195 for 50MB.


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