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How the Surface Pro 2 became my favorite computer

Tony Bradley | Jan. 16, 2014
A funny thing happened to me when I started playing around with a Surface Pro 2: It became my favorite computer.

I've also used the Surface Pro 2 with the Xbox SmartGlass app as a second screen to enhance my movie-watching experience, and I routinely read in bed using the Kindle app. I don't recommend the Surface Pro 2 for extended reading sessions — the lower pixel density strains the eyes, and the extra weight makes it cumbersome to hold for long periods of time — but for getting in a chapter or two before drifting off to sleep, it's adequate.

The Surface Pro 2 is ideal for reading periodicals: Since installing the Flipboard and Wired magazine apps, the Surface Pro 2 has been my go-to device for reading magazine articles while on a train or during a flight. It's certainly much easier to read digital magazines on the Surface Pro 2 than on a laptop or smartphone.

The only device you need
You can find cheaper desktops, lighter tablets, and more powerful Ultrabooks. There are even alternative tablets that run Windows 8.1 Pro, like the Dell Venue or the Asus VivoTab. But for my purposes, none of them handle the daily transitions from PC to portable device, and from creating content to consuming it, as smoothly as the Surface Pro 2.

It's clear to me that the Surface Pro 2 represents the future of computing. It is proof of the concept that tablets aren't killing PCs — they're just a natural evolution of the PC experience. Whatever device that ultimately succeeds may not come from Microsoft, and it may not even run Windows, but eventually devices like the Surface Pro 2 — ones that deliver power and portability, and that exist comfortably as both productivity and entertainment devices — will replace traditional PCs and become the norm.


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