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How Malaysia's Freight Mark mapped a future-proof storage strategy: interview

AvantiKumar | June 10, 2015
In this case study interview, Computerworld talks with the Malaysian integrated logistics firm's IT director Yau Kah Keng and Nimble Storage's Asean Regional Director Rachel Ler.


What fine-tuning did you have to do to localise the Nimble solution?

As we had worked closely with Nimble Storage from the outset of the engagement to clearly define and identify our needs and requisite infrastructure, we did not face issues where the technology did not fit the Malaysian context.

In fact as we are going into a digital age as a nation and as an industry, it is imperative that Malaysian enterprises adopt technology to future-proof their businesses.


Following on from that - what would be your advice to other companies facing a similar challenge?

First is the cost. Technology investments are being validated on the basis of Returns on Investments (ROI), value and overall expenditure (Total Cost of Ownership). As such IT departments have to put forward a compelling case for investing in new technology and be mindful of how strategic are these investments.

Secondly, it is critical that IT departments evaluate vendors on their approach to addressing the enterprise's mid to long term goals. This impacts the business' overall performance and so understanding this relationship is important.

Finally, understanding and identifying hidden costs that your providers might not mention at the early stage of negotiations. This impacts the other business metric for us - total costs of ownership which ultimately impacts ROI.


Rachel Ler, Regional Director, ASEAN, Nimble Storage 

Photo - Rachel Ler, Regional Director, ASEAN, Nimble Storage

Why do you believe Freight Mark selected your solution?

As Freight Mark was facing constraints in storage resources, leading to a reduction in application performance and a need for constant hardware upgrades, the Nimble CS220G, which provides an extensive 12TB of storage capacity, proved to be the solution to this issue.   

The benefits include an improved performance of virtualised environment and core applications, lowered overall IT management costs and a time extension from six to eighteen months for hardware refreshes.  

In addition, with the state of the art scalability and performance offered by Nimble, we also have impressive thin provisioning and thin cloning capabilities. These technologies have been able to significantly enhance Freight Mark's overall IT infrastructure.

We are operating in a virtualised environment, hence the thin provisioning capability means that when we assign new servers, we can dynamically adjust their assigned storage as required. This means that we can make much better use of our total storage resources as we need only assign exactly what will be used. 

What are Nimble Storage's upcoming plans for the region?

We are invested in the growth of our customer base in the region. We see Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia, as a high potential geography for our business.


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