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How CIOs in healthcare, rail and education are using virtual reality

Chloe Dobinson | Sept. 19, 2016
Which industries are benefiting from the use of virtual reality and how CIOs can get ahead of their competitors by using virtual reality.

"We are still looking at what is the best way to visualise the assets (bridges, tunnels, etc.) in enabling to get a 5D view of them, which can help HS2 to save money not just during construction but also through the full lifecycle of the railway," he said.

Which industries are benefiting from the use of VR: Education

A main priority for a higher education CIO is to deliver technology which can not only help to innovate the sector but also improve the learning of their students.   

CIOs implementing VR has revolutionised the way students are educated in processing a new way of learning.

In some schools, CIOs have implemented a virtual environment where students can manipulate objects in order to get a better understanding of its data sets, formulae and abstract concepts.

A CIO in higher education is working towards catering for a wide audience of students. The use of VR can deliver a digital tool which can meet the needs of a student's learning style; while keeping students engaged.

CIOs are taking the approach of combining the traditional forms of learning through computers in meeting the needs of a digitally literate generation through the use of virtual reality.  In some institutes, students can touch and manipulate objects within a virtual environment in order to generate a greater understanding of their learning.

The education sector has seen VR play a vital role in recent digital strategies. CIOs today are currently using the technology to train, educate and develop on the skill sets for future employment in several industries. Virtual Reality will see CIOs working towards their business goal of implementing new technology while also creating a better engagement with its users in improving the overall customer experience.  

Source: CIO


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