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How CIOs can master key tech trends to drive change

Diana Bersohn | March 16, 2017
Accenture’s 2017 Technology Vision examines opportunities for CIOs to harness technology to help workers achieve more.


3. Workforce marketplace

Technology has already had a dramatic impact on the workforce, making it more fluid. Traditional hierarchies and workplace models are dissolving, transforming into a digital marketplace of skill sets available on demand.

CIOs must use this new model to their advantage and get in front of this trend. This includes restructuring their systems to support this new fluidity and manage all workers – both internal and external – in a rapid and agile fashion. Rather than assuming a fixed, long-term employee base, how can the business experiment with crowdsourcing and identify pockets of work that can be done on demand? For instance, are there short-term projects that require a unique, scarce skill set? Think of the projects where you need to scale fast, and don’t have the skills in-house to do so.

4. Design for humans

Technology designed specifically for individual human behavior is the new frontier of digital experiences. When IT designers account for unique human behavior, it improves the quality and effectiveness of technology solutions. By considering and responding to human behavior, CIOs can enable their businesses to create rich, responsive journeys with both customers and employees, transforming relationships into true partnerships.

From an internal perspective, as companies struggle to attract and retain top talent, they need to digitize the employee experience within the organization. Technology can help enhance employee experiences by digitizing day-to-day functions, like benefits and payroll, as well as providing digital collaboration tools and unified communications. These types of digital experiences increase employee satisfaction. When employees are happy, they stay—and this leads to cost savings. Replacing an employee can cost a business more than 20 percent of that individual’s salary.


Leading the intelligent enterprise

The continuously evolving digital culture creates challenges and opportunities for organizations worldwide. However, as technology becomes more sophisticated, CIOs must use it to disrupt conventional ways of working, to improve collaboration and solve difficult problems. It’s not about how we will adapt ourselves or our organization to technology; rather it’s about how we can shape and adapt technology to us.


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