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Hope you like Jelly Bean, because you're not getting Key Lime Pie

Jon Gold | May 3, 2013
I'll kick off this roundup by eating a little crow -- I pooh-poohed the notion that Google might not be rolling out Key Lime Pie at this year's I/O conference in last week's installment, saying that I'd still be expecting Android 5.0 to show up in San Francisco.


Samsung posted a video on Monday, explaining the design philosophy behind the Galaxy S 4. It's both highly interesting and a little confusing.

You get a sense of the enormous amount of attention paid to each microscopic detail by Samsung's design team, which is pretty impressive. But the clip is also riddled with contradictory design-speak twaddle -- please, someone tell me if this is "evolutionary" or "like nothing I've ever seen before!"

It's also sort of strange that everyone's so excited about the way the phone interprets your behavior and offers contextual options (e.g., saying "would you like to create a photo album" if you take a bunch of pictures) -- is this not a design trend that got pretty well run out of town with Microsoft's Clippy?


Speaking of the Galaxy S 4, you're out of luck if you're looking to get it through Best Buy on Sprint -- Android Central reports that pre-order customers recently got an email pushing back delivery dates by between two and three weeks. That, combined with general delays in Sprint stores getting Galaxy S 4s, likely points to supply problems for Samsung. Just like the rival HTC One!


Going back to Android Police for a moment -- they have a good piece on the Microsoft-created Android app that's designed to smooth your transition from Android to Windows Phone by checking to see if your Android apps are available on Windows Phone.

Apparently, the app is kind of a train wreck, giving totally bizarre info on available apps and refusing to work when your battery life is below 50% for some reason.


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