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High-tech outdoor gear to help you fight (and win!) against Mother Nature

Evan Dashevsky | Sept. 24, 2013
Behold a slew of high-tech camping gear to keep your next excursion safely out of Donner Party territory.

Hand cranked air-raid siren
What is it? An air raid siren that runs on elbow grease and can be heard up to a quarter mile away. Trust us—this thing is loud.

Vestil offers a hand-held version for $100. This siren can emit a 110-decibel wail, which is about the strength of a car horn. This model requires no electricity and you can set it to work just by cranking it.

How will it keep you alive? It lets you notify someone far away of the danger or disorientation you face.

Solar-powered snake repeller
What is it? A solar-powered spike (a set of 13 of them costs just $7) that you drive into the ground to produce vibrations that scare snakes away. The manufacturer says that it wards off moles and gophers, too.

Many campers have heard tales of snakes crawling inside an occupied sleeping bag to take advantage of the sleeper's warmth, though instances of this reptilian behavior are actually quite rare. Still, if you'd rather not wake up to something big and slithery moving around your legs, consider planting a few spikes around the campsite before you retire. Or use a tent.

How will it keep you alive? Okay, let's say for the sake of the argument that you're lost in Venomous Snakes National Monument with no tent and a sleeping bag that smells like fresh prairie dogs. You don't want to get bit by a big rattler, or it could be Game Over—but it's cold at night, so you don't want to forgo the sleeping bag either. In that case, maybe, you'll be glad that you staked out your sleeping perimeter with 13 solar-powered snake repellers. Not to mention the security of knowing that you won't be assailed by amorous prairie dogs.

Smart rifle
What is it? A weapon that uses an array of sensors to help a first-time shooter hit a bull's-eye at 3100 yards. The price of TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearm (PGM) will—for better or worse—come down over time, but you can pick one up now for a mere $22,000.

How will it keep you alive?  If you need to eat, this weapon will help you hunt down some food—no matter the distance. If you're the one being hunted, it can keep your predators at bay. Or kill them dead.

It's a fact of life: Nature is dangerous and uncaring. And that is precisely why humanity developed technology—to turn the odds in our favor. I know many of you out there will refuse to heed this warning and continue your foolhardy outdoorsy ways. But if you do, consider taking along some of the gear described above to help keep you safe.


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