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Hey, where's my iPhone 6s? Find out with these tracking tools

Leah Yamshon | Sept. 28, 2015
You're not the only one sitting at home and refreshing the UPS tracking page. Use these tools to wait for your iPhone more efficiently.

iphone 6s upgrade plan

Do you know where your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus is? Hopefully, it’s already on the back of that UPS truck, waiting to start making the rounds, and you’re sitting at home, anxiously waiting for it to show up at your door. Or perhaps your phone isn’t in the first batch of preorders, but will be on its way within the next week or two.

Sure, you could just wait and guess when it’ll show up, but that’s not why we have tracking numbers. Here are three tools you can use to track your iPhone before it even arrives. 


If your iPhone isn’t scheduled to arrive on launch day, I have some good news for you: When it does finally ship in the next few weeks, you can track its exact flight and watch it make the journey to your doorstep. FlightAware, a live flight tracking website, built a super handy iPhone 6s flight tracker that shows the flight path of all U.S.-bound UPS flights. Just look for the departure-scan time in your UPS tracking number, and cross check it with FlightAware’s map and departure board. Then, watch the map to see your iPhone fly in real time. 

If my iPhone is still in Alaska, will it make it to California in time? 

Your iPhone is scheduled to arrive on launch day? Check FlightAware’s map to see if the iPhone’s plane took off and landed on time. Haven’t received a shipping notification from Apple yet? Try this hack using only your phone number to dig up some info via UPS. 


Let’s say your iPhone is set to arrive on launch day, and thus shouldn’t be on the plane anymore (we hope). Now what? Tracking apps will push status updates to your, ahem, older iPhone to let you know when it’s shipping status changes. I really like Slice (free), a tracking app that keeps an eye on more than just packages. Slice connects to your email account and scans your mail to find shipment info, receipts, tickets, and other expenses. It’s smart, and knows the difference between a tracking ticket and a confirmation number.

slice iphone 3up
Pin your preorder to the top of your list so you won’t miss an update from Slice. Slice also reminds you how much you spent on your new iPhone, which is much less fun.

With that info, Slice tracks all of your incoming packages for you, showing their current en-route spot on a map. You’ll get a status update whenever something with your order changes, like when a package arrives at the post office for processing or when it finally reaches the delivery truck. You can decide whether or not you’d like push notifications for those updates, and Slice has an Apple Watch component as well.


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