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Hearts of Iron IV hands-on preview: I would make a horrible Hitler

Hayden Dingman | Feb. 24, 2015
It's no secret I'm a pretty huge fan of Paradox's grand strategy titles. Both Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV are still in semi-regular rotation on my days off, and I could bore you to death talking about setting colonial trade policies.

The bottom line is: It's Hearts of Iron. It's a hardcore World War II sim for people who presumably love Band of Brothers and early-2000s History Channel, who maybe own an M1 Garand and have read Stalingrad multiple times. It's not light and endearing in the same way as Crusader Kings II, nor is it the slow dance of monarchs that is Europa Universalis IV. It's war, war, and more war. A Great War, if you will.

That might turn some people off. If you play strategy games as mostly a peace-loving, diplomatic do-gooder, this isn't really the game for you.

But if you've gotten a taste for Paradox's grand strategy games and are interested in this period of history, it's looking like (barring a few obtuse UI elements) Hearts of Iron is getting thoroughly modernized and made a modicum more accessible.

We'll take a more thorough look at the game upon release. (Playing as the Americans, of course.) Until then, I guess it's back down the Europa Universalis rabbit hole.


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