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Health IT success hinges on CIO-business collaboration

Kenneth Corbin | Nov. 25, 2014
Healthcare CIOs must engage with executives and medical staff to bridge the gap in the enterprise and win support for new IT initiatives.

Becoming Silent Problem-Solvers
Ray Gensinger, CIO at Hospital Sisters Health System in Illinois, sees his tech team as "silent partners" who sit in on the meetings of executives and medical staff and discern the business needs of the organization.

"I want those individuals to be in the room to understand what the questions are, what the challenges are," Gensinser says. "And I'll kind of work them in the back room. I don't necessarily want them talking in languages that the physicians and nurses don't understand, but I want them to be the problem solvers."

At the same time, he advises healthcare CIOs to be judicious in their approach to scoping out IT projects, cautioning them not to take on too much at once and to focus their efforts and resources on areas that are likely to have the greatest impact and to win the support of the other executives.

"Pick something that your organization is passionate about and that you can get your leadership team to be passionate about and work that use case," Gensinger suggests.

"You need to start small. You need to get your arms around something you can understand," Drozdowicz adds. "Learn from that, iterate on it, and continue to spread it out over time."


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