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Hands-on with Flickr 3.0, with new features that make Flickr cool again

Leah Yamshon | April 21, 2014
Legacy photo sharing tool Flickr got a dramatic app overhaul on Thursday, bringing the biggest changes we've seen to the app since its initial launch on Android and iOS. With added video, a faster search capability, and a more socially equipped photostream, Flickr 3.0 is attempting to distinguish itself from other wildly popular photo sharing services like Instagram, and trying to once again propel itself back into the photo spotlight.

That info button reveals much more, however, if photos were taken with a digital camera and uploaded to Flickr, rather than taken on your smartphone and shared through the app. It displays what kind of camera and lens were used, along with any particular settings, like focal length, aperture, exposure, and shutter speed. This is a clever way for photographers to share tips and tricks with each other, or to take note if they'd like to use similar settings again for future photo projects.

A search bar lines the tippy top of your friends feed, where you can search for photos, people, or groups to follow. Yahoo claims that photo search is now smarter and faster with the 3.0 update, and it certainly feels that way. Photos are displayed in a gorgeous tile layout, and you can tap on any of them to see who took the photo and learn more.

Shoot and share

Of course, besides just viewing photos, you can snap your own shots to share as well. As is standard with all photo apps these days, Flickr has 15 built-in filters, which work for both photos and videos. You can apply the filter before you take the shot, or after. You can also toggle between the iPhone's front- and rear-facing cameras and use the flash at will. And Flickr even makes a satisfying shutter-click sound when you finally take your shot. Touch up your photo with Flickr's in-app editing tools: Pick the perfect crop, adjust the angle, rotate or mirror the image, or flip it upside down.

Flickr now supports videos up to 30 seconds long. When in video mode, you can hold down the red button to capture, and lift up to stop. Like Instagram video, this method allows you to stitch together a few clips taken in quick succession.

When you're satisfied with your photo or video, add a caption and share it with the Flickr community. You can also tag its location, sort it into one of your Flickr albums, and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. To keep the photo to yourself, change it from public to private by tapping the padlock.

All of your photos and activity are logged on your profile page. Sort through your photos, albums, and groups, check your notifications, and update your settings all through this page. 

To really make the most of Flickr for iOS, be sure to sync your photos to Flickr itself. This will automatically back up your entire Camera Roll to Flickr's cloud, and all photos will default to private until you mark them public. 

Why Flickr?

Strictly looking at functionality, Flickr 3.0 doesn't offer much that other photo management apps can't do. Yes, it backs up your photos, but so does Dropbox's Carousel. Yes, it has a social element, but Instagram is still the ruler of that roost. Yes, you can edit your photos before you share them, but iOS's native Camera app offers some editing tools as well.


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