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Hands-on with Alienware's Alpha: PC gaming in the living room just got serious

Hayden Dingman | June 17, 2014
"PC gaming is too expensive." "PC gaming is too complicated." "I don't want a big, bulky PC in my living room." Rest in peace, three overused excuses. You all had a good run, as far as excuses go, but Alienware's new Alpha machine just put the final shovelful of dirt on your collective coffins.

But hey, you'll save so much on Steam sales that maybe the extra cost washes out in the end. PC games can be purchased for far, far, far less than the $40 to $60 console games go for, and they're as backward-compatible as backward-compatible gets — something neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 can claim.

All in all, this is a damn fine machine to lead PCs into the living rooms of people who've never even considered putting a PC in their living rooms. It's quiet. It's fast. It's powerful. It's small. It's unintrusive. It's attractive. I don't think a single machine has hit all those points before now.

Me? I'll stick to my tower. But that's because Alienware Alpha wasn't built for me. It was built for the person who always told me PC gaming was too expensive and complicated. This is PC gaming for the masses. Now we just have to see whether other PC manufacturers get on board.


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