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Hands on: The first Apple Watch apps for road warriors

Galen Gruman | April 28, 2015
30 first-gen apps show promise, but still make you wonder about smartwatch utility

Zoho Expense does track your movement -- for a while. But when the Apple Watch screen goes black, which it does quickly to save on power, or when you switch to the clock face or another app, Zoho Expense stops tracking your motion. Basically, as soon as the app is no longer visible on your Apple Watch screen, it stops tracking. When you go back to the app, it shows only the distance traveled until the app stopped being visible.

It's utterly unreliable for tracking your mileage. (Again, the iPhone app keeps tracking your progress fine when you switch other apps or the lock screen engages.)

The good news is that I found very few such really bad apps in the first generation of Apple Watch apps. The bad news is that I'm not yet seeing a lot of compelling uses for the Apple Watch versus using the iPhone only. Still, there are some promising apps, and it's the early days for a new kind of device.

It's too soon to judge whether the Apple Watch is the next iPhone or iPad. But it's exactly the right time to judge the apps available for it and for the road warriors who would buy an Apple Watch.


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