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Hands on: Pebble unlocks its new smartwatch app store

Jason Snell | Feb. 5, 2014
Smartwatch pioneer Pebble opened its new store for watchfaces and apps on Monday.

I doubt there's a nefarious plan at work here--since Nest doesn't currently allow this level of connection to outside companies, creating an intermediary server that's connected to the actual Nest servers is the only way for a clever hacker to make something like this work. But, regardless, I'm uncomfortable with providing my email address and password to a blank page with no labeling, and Pebble should be, too.

I've been wearing a Pebble for about a year, and while the hardware has always been pretty good, the software has lagged behind. With the release of the Pebble appstore and the Pebble 2.0 app, Pebble users may finally be seeing the software that their watch hardware has always deserved.


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