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Hands-on: 48 hours with the Apple Watch

Michael deAgonia | May 4, 2015
It's seemed like a long wait from when rumors of the Apple Watch first emerged two years ago to April 10, 2015, when Apple began accepting pre-orders. I was one of the lucky early purchasers and my Watch has finally arrived. So was all that anticipation worth it?

The logical question remains: What is the point of having the Watch if you still have to complete tasks (such as taking a note) on the iPhone? That issue could be a deal-breaker for some — but not for me. Not all of the tasks Siri does on the Watch need to be completed on the iPhone, but for those that do, it's nice to know that the action will be transferred intact to another device. That's pretty neat integration, even if it is implemented to compensate for a shortcoming.

" Another issue: My heart rate monitor was off-base during a couple of my workouts, including just this morning; I like to think I'm calm and zen, but it was clear that the Watch wasn't picking up my heart rate accurately. A restart cleared up the issue temporarily, but for people with tattoos, the heart rate monitoring may not work properly. If this continues, I'm going to reach out to Apple and see if this is a known issue (and no, I don't have tattoos.)

Bottom line

After a couple of days using it, I think the Watch is an interesting device. It's clearly only an accessory to the iPhone and not a necessary one, but it's also useful in very specific ways — such as giving discreet directions and gentle reminders to move, tracking your fitness and integrating with the Apple Health app. It's also a device that you need to spend time with to appreciate fully.

So was the Apple Watch worth the wait? I'd say, yes. As I noted, I'm not someone who normally wears jewelry or watches. However, the Apple Watch may change my mind.


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