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GUEST BLOG: Forget Apple v Samsung, coming soon it's Apple v Google

Jonny Evans | Aug. 28, 2012
Apple succeeded in its mission of proving its Korean partner a copycat. It seems inevitable Apple will bring the fight to Google next.

My opinion? Google and it's partners should take a big deep breath and reach a licensing deal with Cupertino.

We can then breathe a huge sigh of relief and start talking about more interesting things than this litigation, such as how mobile devices can transform healthcare and education, and meeting challenging questions such as how to ensure there's no divide between the digital haves and digital have nots. 

Sadly I don't think we'll see any such deal reached. This leads me to believe the next step in this war will see Apple take on Google directly in the courts. Probably just in time for Christmas after most of Google's services are dismissed from within iOS 6.

For most consumers all this legal nonsense is deeply dull and serves to take the shine off of what should be the most exciting time for personal communications across nations, ideologies and language limitations this planet has ever seen.

Some believers of some religions may recall the story of the Tower of Babel. Already equipped with a common language, humanity chose to erect a huge tower with which to reach Heaven. God cast that tower down and caused all humanity to speak different languages in order to prevent such hubris again.

The mobile era promises us new levels of communication and understanding across wide swathes of humanity, but it's all sides in this dispute -- Apple, Google and their partners, not God, who are threatening to break the growing tower of universal communication down all over again.

Don't be evil? 

Don't make me laugh.


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