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Grab these ghost-hunting PC tools when paranormal activity is at its peak

Alex Cocilova | Oct. 30, 2013
The following programs claim to detect visitors from the Great Beyond, or even organise your next ghost hunt for you.

Paranormal activity has met its match in the PC: Not a Gregory-Peck-like Exorcist, but a ghost-hunting Scooby-Doo and his teen sidekicks. The following programs claim to detect visitors from the Great Beyond, or even organize your next ghost hunt for you.

Whether you actually believe in this stuff is almost beside the point. It's Halloween--and it's just fun to see the meters, graphs, and even databases you can use to keep tabs on the local ectoplasmic activity.

XParanormal Detector

That spooky feeling you get while working alone on your PC, late at night, may not be your imagination. If there is a ghostly entity reading your Tweets over your shoulder, your PC may be able to detect it for you.

XParanormal Detector analyses anomalous changes in the signal (the rapid single flux quantum, if you want to dive that deep) of your Wi-Fi or network adapters. It communicates its findings onscreen through sensors, ghost radar, and graphs.

Once you see some spikes in the chart, get ready for the action. Using the data, the program can spit out a word that a nearby spirit is trying to communicate.

I was skeptical and bored at first, but after about ten minutes of letting the program run in the background, Microsoft's text-to-speech chimed in, startling me, with the first word. I was reading through the FAQs of the program when I heard "enquiry." Twenty minutes later, I heard the word "bread" as I was eating my lunch (which didn't contain any bread). Was it a coincidence, or a spooky specter spying on me? It's tough to say.

A built-in EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) device can be used to record up to a minute of sound through your microphone. Let a chatty ghost get a word in edgewise! If you buy the premium version ($19.95) you can capture up to an hour of EVP, and you can fill out log books to document your paranormal investigation, including an activity history that records every anomaly.

The company takes pains to market its product as entertainment. Regardless of whether you believe in what it does, it's incredibly fun to have around. Run it in the background while using your PC to creep yourself out, or use it with friends to prove your place really is haunted. The free Basic edition doesn't have much use past the novelty, but the Premium edition offers plenty for the avid ghost hunter.

Ghost-Tech Paranormal Investigator
It's important to conduct a well-organised paranormal investigation, so you can marshal all the facts and evidence to convince the skeptics. Ghost-Tech Paranormal Investigator is a free tool to help you manage your ghostly outings.


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