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Government networks unprepared for cloud, big data transitions

Kenneth Corbin | Sept. 19, 2013
A new survey of federal network managers reveals that government agencies are not ready for the arrival of the 'big five' tech transformations -- cloud computing, big data, security, mobility and data center consolidation.

The Challenges of Implementing the 'Big Five' Tech Transformations

The picture is further complicated by some of the organizational and logistical challenges that are particularly acute in the federal government, infamous for its stovepiped IT culture. For instance, only 35 percent of agencies are consolidating the leadership on each of the five initiatives under a single senior executive.

Additionally, most aren't using a common, standardized process for the big five, and the individuals spearheading the transitions are typically not huddling in regular meetings.

Some — though by no means most — of the network managers polled said that they are taking various steps to ease the transition toward mobility, cloud computing and the other parts of the big five.

For instance, an even half of the respondents said that they are asking their leadership for clear prioritization on their IT initiatives, while 47 percent are seeking standardized documentation of their infrastructure requirements, and 44 percent said that they are pressing for stronger coordination among the leaders of the various transitions.


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