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Got an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c? Or did you stay at home?

Karen Haslam | Sept. 23, 2013
Reports claim there were 1,500 outside the Regent Street Apple Store in London last Friday. We're not so sure if there were 1,500 people there, but the Hannover Square Gardens were full of people.

We headed down to the Apple Store on London's Regent Street bright and early this morning. As usual it was the same people at the front of the queue, the familiar faces we've got to know them over the years. Mike Roberts and Noah Green were heading up the queue this year.

apple launch

Mike and Noah had been offering their spots at the front of the queue to the highest bidder. Mike once sold his spot for £3,000, this year the prices offered had gone up to £7,000 but Mike wasn't prepared to sell up without the money being in his account.

We hear that by midday yesterday the queue was already stretching into Hanover Street around the corner from the Apple Store.  By 9pm last night there were approximately 100 people already queuing with more arriving by 11pm last night, perhaps as many as 300.

By 7.50am this morning it's estimated that there were 1,500 people in line outside the Regent Street store, stretching down Hannover Street to Hannover Square Gardens and out the other side. We're not so sure if there were 1,500 people there, but the Hannover Square Gardens were full of people.

One person near the front of the queue in Hannover Street who'd been in the queue since Friday night told us that they were getting an iPhone 5s in Space Grey — they had wanted a gold model but those stocks had already run out. He was lucky to be getting an iPhone 5s at all — stocks were so limited that many customer faced disappointment when Apple staff handing out tickets specifying which iPhone would be reserved for them had to break the news that the iPhone 5s had run out. 

There was plenty of stock available for anyone wanting an iPhone 5c though.

At 8am the Apple Store opened its doors and customers started filing in in small groups. Even once inside the store there are more queues to join. About 10 minutes passed between the first people entering the store and leaving. 

Mike was first out of the store with his new iPhone

We hear that it took until 11am for the queue at Regent Street to finally dissipated.

If you were planning on heading down to an Apple Store later today, you're likely to be greeted by this:

iphone 5s out of stock


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