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GoogleX exec: Where Google went wrong with Glass

Sharon Gaudin | March 19, 2015
The company oversold the wearable too soon and learned some lessons.

According to Teller, Google learned that it has to work out problems with the wearable's battery and with the privacy issues surrounding computerized eyeglasses that can take photos and short videos.

After the company stopped selling the prototypes early this year, speculation swirled that Google was giving up on the project altogether. Google said that's not the case, and that Glass was pulled out of the spotlight to be retooled. The device also was moved from under the research umbrella of GoogleX and placed with its own team, much like the teams working on search and Android.

"Google did screw up," said Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research. "The way they talked about it led people to believe it was a finished off, polished product, which it's not. So by hyping it so much, they set expectations they could not meet."

Google had the hype ramped up way before it was time, said Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst.

"Google had the sizzle, they just didn't have the steak," Kagan said. "This is a perfect example of a company believing their own PR and not paying any attention to the realities that make something hot... This is a very painful and embarrassing lesson for Google to learn. It's amazing that they haven't learned it yet."

Kagan said he can't see Glass becoming a product anytime soon, but Kerravala said the device still has a good shot.

"Oh, sure they can recover," Kerravala said. "They'll have to take a step back but... there's an expression that if you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough."


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