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Google's next frontier: What it means to be healthy

Sharon Gaudin | July 29, 2014
Google has launched a new project, dubbed the Baseline Study, that seeks to develop a greater understanding of what it means to be healthy.

Google said it's not working on the project to develop a new product but to contribute to medical science.

"It may sound counter-intuitive, but by studying health, we might someday be better able to understand disease," said Conrad. "This research could give us clues about how the human body stays healthy or becomes sick, which could in turn unlock insights into how diseases could be better detected or treated."

Google — a company known for its search engine, the Android platform, its maps and digital eyewear — isn't new to medical research.

In December 2010, Google launched a tool to provide users with a layered, 3D view of the human anatomy. Called Body Browser, the tool explores inside the human body, using features initially created for the company's popular Google Earth and Maps applications.

Body Browser was built to enable users to identify various parts of the human body while searching for bones, organs and muscles. With the tool, users can rotate a 3D image of the body, peel away skin and investigate the different layers inside.


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