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Google's DeepMind buy would add smarts to search, robots and homes

Sharon Gaudin | Jan. 28, 2014
With the purchase of artificial intelligence company DSeepMind Technologies, Google may be taking steps to add extra smarts to everything from search to robots to the Internet of Things.

Google has always been about having the most information, Enderle said, and this latest acquisition fits directly into that theme.

"Nest is about information acquisition. AI is about turning that massive amount of information to their benefit," he noted. "Hopefully some of the experienced minds on the AI team will add some maturity to this effort."

The downside to all of this, is that it can seem creepy to some people. And it's an issue that Google will have to address.

"The downsides to Google getting into robotics and AI is that it sounds a lot like SkyNet in the Terminator movies with self-actualized smart robots trying to eliminate the human race," said Moorhead. "And that scares people, understandably. The blowback will be that Google is getting too powerful and they will need to be more heavily regulated and watched."


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