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Google Sync quietly launches support for Office 2013--but it doesn't work

Mark Hachman | May 31, 2013
Workers who wish to connect their Windows machines to Google's calendar, contacts and email services have some good news and some bad news: Google's Sync now supports Office 2013. But it doesn't really work.

Windows Phone users will also be to sync back and forth. In January, Microsoft reported that Google would extend support for Exchange ActiveSync through the end of July. Microsoft said then that it would use the time to build in support for CalDAV and CardDAV, to support contact and calendar syncing, respectively, for an indefinite period of time.

Moorhead also noted that support for IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV is built into the native applications onboard the Macintosh, although it doesn't support touch. "If you are a consumer or a small business owner like me who is wedded to Google Apps and need a good desktop experience, then you need to strongly consider going to the Mac," Moorhead said.

Microsoft also recommends that users who can't sync their calendars with the Windows 8 Calendar app simply move them to But that process involves basically exporting the data to Outlook in one fell swoop, not truly syncing from one service to another.

If Google does fix its Sync solution soon, hurray - Office 2013 users who choose to sign on with Google Apps will be able to connect the two services. But there's still a fundamental problem: both Microsoft and Google aren't really facilitating cooperation between their respective services. Users don't really care who erected the walls that keep them imprisoned, just that they're there.


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