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Google on Apple: The end is near

Mike Elgan | June 16, 2015
Mike Elgan love using Google services on Apple hardware, but now he fears those days are numbered.

One day soon, you'll have to choose

Because Siri and Google Now will get better over time by integrating apps and services controlled by Apple and Google, respectively -- and because we'll rely more on those virtual assistants -- users will be discouraged from using Google services on Apple hardware.

Because Apple is actively working to replace Google services for OS X and iOS users -- and integrate Apple's alternatives into Apple's operating systems -- Apple users will be increasingly discouraged from using any Google products at all.

Some of this is happening by accident, but some of it is happening by design.

The result for people who love both Apple and Google is that we'll have to choose: Either use Apple hardware with Apple's services, or switch to Android devices and use Google's services.

The days of using Google on Apple are coming to an end. I fear we'll all have to choose between going all-in with Apple or all-in with Google.


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