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Google Olympics doodles imaginative, interactive

Christina DesMarais | Aug. 13, 2012
Google's doodles during these Olympics have ranged from tributes to athletes to collections of different sports. Some have been interactive. Others have harkened back to earlier times in history.

July 30

Fencing, a staple of the modern Olympics, also made the Google doodle lineup. In this one, two figures duel in front of an audience superimposed with Google's name, part of which -- the L -- is used as a weapon. Fencing has been going strong since the 15th century and since then rules of the sport dictate that weapons must be held with only one hand; the unarmed hand can't be used; and duelers may only strike the upper body minus the head.

July 29

In this one, a female diver prepares to do a backward plunge into a Google-infused pool far below her. As for that pool, it took three years to specially construct it for London 2012 and features a spectacular wave-like roof that turned out to be one of the most complex engineering challenges of the Olympic Park build.

July 28

A female archer aims for the second "o" in Google's name. In the 2012 games South Korea dominated, followed by Italy and China.

July 27

This doodle celebrated the official start of the London 2012 Olympics with a cheery and colorful cartoon that featured a handful of athletes holding the letters of the search giant's name, including one with a javelin representing an "L." If you hovered your pointer over the doodle when it was live you could see the message "Hurray for sports!" Clicks on it took viewers to a search results page for "opening ceremony London 2012."



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