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Google Glass to benefit the healthcare industry

Nurdianah Md Nur | Nov. 22, 2013
Philips collaborates with Accenture to create first proof-of-concept that provides doctors with hands-free access to critical clinical information via Google Glass.

Wearables might just be the next big thing not just with consumers but also enterprises. With the belief that wearables can add value to the enterprise, Royal Philips has collaborated with Accenture to create a proof-of-concept  demonstrating the benefits Google Glass can offer to the healthcare industry.

The demonstration depicts how a doctor wearing the Google Glass - which is connected to Philips IntelliVue Solutions - could gain hands-free access to critical patient information even if they are not beside the patient.  Google Glass thus enables the doctor to simultaneously monitor a patient's vital signs and react to surgical procedural developments without having to turn away from the patient.

With greater access to the right information at the right time by using Google Glass, doctors will be able to focus better on providing "more efficient and effective patient care," said Michael Mancuso, CEO of Patient Care and Clinical Informatics at Philips Healthcare.

Mancuso added that this research is the first step in researching how wearables can be applied to improve the quality of patient care. In future, Google Glasses with IntelliVue Solutions might be able to conduct live, first-person point-of-view videoconferences with other surgeons or medical personnel; provide clinicians the ability to view the patient in the recovery room after surgery; and record surgeries for training purposes.

The benefits of the Google Glass are not limited to the healthcare industry, according to James Chong, Accenture Mobility. For example, the immigration and checkpoints officers may use it to scan the people crossing the borders to identify wanted people, he said.

 According to CNN Money, Gartner forecasts that Google Glass and other "smartglasses" will help make employees more efficient. This will in turn help the company to increase profits by more than US$1 billion per year by 2017. 


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