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Google+ finding its feet with businesses

Adam Bender | Feb. 1, 2013
Google continues to tweak its Google+ social media platform as the company seeks to gain traction among businesses.

Andrews said each social media platform has its own unique audience, and it's important to treat them differently. "The Google+ audience seems to be a more business and a slightly more techy kind of audience," whereas Facebook is "very much just a general public kind of thing," she said.

"If you only talk to an audience on a particular social media channel, you may only get part of the audience," she said. "And I think you've got to be fairly targeted in what you write to each channel to make sure you're broadcasting to your intended audience."

Above the Parapet also uses Google+ for internal communications, Andrews said. Targeting groups of recipients for posts using circles is "a really flexible way to work."

Andrews said she's not concerned about accidentally leaking internal information to the public through Google+. "It's really just a matter of learning how to use it."

Besides Hangouts, Shoes of Prey does not currently use Google+ for internal company conversations, Knapp said.

"We should be using it more," he said. "One of the problems we have now is internal conversation because people want to socialise and what not, but Facebook isn't appropriate for that." An internal Google+ community "might actually be very good."


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