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Goat Simulator review: Goat + physics sandbox = dumb fun

Hayden Dingman | April 3, 2014
What kind of madness hath the Internet wrought this time? Something dumb. Real dumb--and yet something hilariously fun at the same time.

Even with its abundance of secrets, however, Goat Simulator feels a bit thin on content. Not distressingly so, but as the creators say on their website, "don't expect a game in the size and scope of GTA with goats." You'll probably get two, maybe three hours of laughs out of the whole thing.

It's also pretty easy to slow the game to a crawl. Since the game relies on its physics, you can make your computer chug by running into a crowded room and headbutting freely. For the most part the game ran fine on my rig (steady 30+ frames per second, high settings) but I did tank it down below 10 frames per second with some especially goat-y rampages.

Bottom line

Goat Simulator aims for the moon and ends up hitting a car instead, its bruised and battered body rocketing towards the stars while everyone points and laughs. Of course, the goat will have the last braying laugh when it plummets back towards our mocking faces and headbutts us through a fence.

It's hilarious. It's dumb. It's everything the Internet demanded. Goat Simulator gets at a fundamental human desire — we like to break things. And then watch those things explode. And then baa over the burning remnants.


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