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Glass Planner review: iPhone app has the basic tools for keeping your schedule

Jason Cipriani | May 19, 2015
Countless apps fill the App Store, each one promising to help keep you organized and on task by applying the same basic method, but with a slight twist.

Granted, the app creates an iCloud calendar of its own, making it possible to view content on your other Apple devices, but the lack of the same — unique — management tools hurts the overall experience.

Too many tutorials

The first time I launched Glass Planner, I was greeted with a welcome video. This is fairly standard for apps, so I watched it and came away with a basic understanding of what to expect from the app.

Then as I began to tap my way through each screen, going from Plan to Act to Done, and back again, I was greeted with a pop-up tutorial. Tap on a button to create a calendar entry, yet another pop-up is presented. Want to create a task? You guessed it, another tutorial is presented.

I understand wanting to help users learn an app, but hand-holding through every single screen isn't necessary. In fact, it's a quick way of scaring off users altogether.

Bottom line

Glass Planner has the basic foundation of a solid task management app, but it's currently lacking features like an iPad app (and going one step further, a Mac counterpart), along with natural language input to speed up the process of entering appointments and tasks.

The tutorials left me with the impression of the app being harder to use than it actually is. When it comes down to it, there's nothing radical enough about Glass Planner to justify the prompts.

If you're someone who relies solely on your iPhone to stay on task, Glass Planner is worth a fair shot. But someone who uses multiple devices for planning, you might want to hold off until the iPad app is released later this summer.


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