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Get to know OS X Mavericks: System Preferences

Dan Frakes | Oct. 29, 2013
What's changed in System Preferences under Mavericks? Find out here.

The new Text tab contains the settings previously found in the Text tab of OS X 10.8's Languages & Text pane. Missing is the Word Break option, and you may notice that the text substitutions list--which lets you enter longer snippets of text that are automatically inserted whenever you type your chosen text shortcut--no longer shows all the (useful) default snippets and symbols provided in OS X 10.8. That's because starting in Mavericks, your substitutions list automatically syncs with the text-shortcuts list found in Settings > General > Keyboard under iOS 6 and iOS 7--anything you add to this list in the Text tab syncs to your iOS devices, and vice versa.

Printers & Scanners (Print & Scan in OS X 10.8)
Apart from the name change, this pane remains the same.

There's only a single change here, and it's subtle enough that few users will notice it: A horizontal line separates locally connected audio-output devices and AirPlay destinations.

In addition to getting a sky-blue icon in place of brushed aluminum, this pane has a few minor changes in its list of items to sync via iCloud. Instead of one Calendars & Reminders item, you see separate items, Calendars and Reminders. Also, the Documents & Data item, when enabled, now has an Options button--click it to see a list of apps that store data in iCloud. There's also a new Keychain entry. Enable this option to use the new iCloud Keychain feature in Mavericks and iOS 7.

Internet Accounts (Mail, Contacts & Calendars in OS X 10.8)
This pane's new name better reflects the various settings it hosts--with the addition of Twitter and Facebook integration in Mountain Lion, the Mail, Contacts & Calendars designation was a little confusing.

In addition, when configuring a new account, you'll see Google listed instead of OS X 10.8's. You also get the option to add a LinkedIn account; Facebook settings include access to your calendar(s); and, when viewing the settings for an iCloud account, you see the same new options found in the main iCloud pane.

This pane remains the same in Mavericks.

Mavericks gives this pane a considerable makeover, with the aim of making it simpler and easier to understand--and, in some ways, more like iOS's Bluetooth-settings screen.

You no longer have to specifically click the plus (+) button to initiate a new Bluetooth-device pairing. Instead, any discoverable Bluetooth device in range of your Mac appears here with a Pair button next to it; you just click that button to pair your Mac with it. Already-paired devices appear in the same list, with an X button to remove the pairing. Gone is the old Sharing Setup button (all it did was take you to the Sharing pane), as well as the Discoverable on/off toggle (your Mac automatically becomes discoverable whenever you open the Bluetooth pane). Also absent are a few options in the Advanced-options screen--specifically, the Reject Incoming Audio Requests option and the option to add a Bluetooth serial port.


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