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Get to know OS X Mavericks: System Preferences

Dan Frakes | Oct. 29, 2013
What's changed in System Preferences under Mavericks? Find out here.

Where did the rest of the settings formerly in the Region tab go? At the bottom of the window is an Advanced button that reveals settings for formatting dates, times, and numbers. The resulting sheet's General tab includes the Format Language (formerly Region) setting, as well as options for number separators, currency symbol and punctuation, and measurement units. You can choose different settings for each format language. The Dates tab includes the settings you previously accessed using the Customize button next to Dates, and the Times tab gives you the settings previously accessed via the Customize button next to Times. The settings formerly in the Input Sources and Text tabs in OS X 10.8 are now found in new Input Sources and Text tabs, respectively, in the Keyboard pane.

Security & Privacy
You'll find a few minor changes here. In the General tab, the Disable Automatic Login option is gone--it remains only in the Login Options screen of the Users & Groups pane. (In OS X 10.8, it appeared in both places.) The Require Password After pop-up menu also no longer offers a 4-hour option--1 hour is the longest delay available.

The Privacy tab, which is where you configure which apps have access to particular system services, still includes Location Services, Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, and Diagnostics & Usage. OS X Mavericks adds categories for Calendars, Reminders, and Accessibility.

This pane remains the same, with one (very) minor exception: In the Search Results tab, the Messages & Chats category is now called Mail & Messages.

This pane for managing Notification Center includes a couple major changes. The first is a new iOS-style Do Not Disturb option.

Select this item in the list on the left, and you can choose particular times and conditions (when the display is sleeping, when it's mirroring to a projector or TV) during which you wish to disable notifications. You can optionally choose to allow FaceTime calls during Do Not Disturbe time (from everyone or only from Favorites), and allow someone to "break through" by calling repeatedly.

The second change is that within each service's or app's notification preferences, there's a new option, Show Notifications On Lock Screen. With this setting enabled for a service or app, notifications appear on your Mac's lock screen.

CDs & DVDs
This pane now shows up only if you're using a Mac with an internal optical-disc drive (or a connected external optical-disc drive).

The Keyboard tab of this pane remains the same, while the previously named Keyboard Shortcuts tab is simply Shortcuts; the old Keyboard & Text Input category has been renamed Keyboard. There are also two new tabs in Mavericks. First, the Input Sources tab contains settings that were previously located in the similarly named tab in OS X 10.8's Languages & Text pane. (There's one exception: Mountain Lion's Input Source Options, for choosing either Use The Same One In All Documents or Allow A Different One For Each Document, is gone.)


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