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Get to know iOS 8: Changes in the Settings app

Serenity Caldwell, Leah Yamshon | Sept. 18, 2014
With every new version of iOS, Apple loves to add, tweak, and change settings; unsurprisingly, iOS 8 is no different. Here's a comprehensive list of just about everything the company has changed in iOS 8 within the Settings app.


Maps gains no new toggles; instead, the "Preferred Driving/Walking" toggle has disappeared.


Want to escape Google's reach? You can now turn Duck Duck Go on as your search engine of choice within the Safari app. In addition, there are three new toggles related to Web searches: Search Engine Suggestions, Spotlight Suggestions, Quick Website Search (which allows you to search a specific website by prefacing your search query with an abbreviated form of their name), and Preload Top Hit.

In addition, the Clear History and Website Data buttons from iOS 7 have been consolidated into one button, Clear Cookies and Data

Photos & Camera

The Photos & Camera submenu has many of the same new toggles as the Photos section within iCloud, including toggles for turning on your iCloud Photo Library and managing burst photos.


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